What's the deal?

David Garzoli

Reintroducing performance exhaust systems for vintage personal watercraft

Factory Pipe Deal is an authorized distributor of previously discontinued vintage Factory Pipe high perfomrance exhaust systems and vintage personal watercraft parts and accessories, offering PWC service on Clear Lake, Lake County CA.

How it started

David Garzoli, vintage PWC enthusiast who resides near the campus of Factory Pipe LLC; met with the president and CEO of Factory Pipe in September 2017. Dave successfully convinced Ross Liberty to bring back a one time production run of his famous 650 SX/X2 limited and mod exhaust systems.  In October 2017, we made a "deal" thatif I could PRE SELL 50 Factory Pipe Kawasaki 650SX/X2 Exhaust systems, that Factory Pipe would pull out the old blue prints and put them back into production for a one time run of this product.

We took orders for 30 days and the final tally was an astonishing 150 units!  


Brian M. " Can't thank you enough for putting this together. Really hope we can get to 50! "

Jared M. " Awesome idea. i dont have a 650 but the guys with 650 would be thanking you for this "

Ronald S. " I think this is a great thing David has going on.
Great way to support those early model 650SXski’s & X2’s that are still flying around the lakes out there.
Great job David !!! "

Next Deal- Yamaha Wave Blaster pipes!

I am currently trying my best to convince Factory Pipe that the reintroduction of their world famous "blaster pipes" would a good business decision for them.  If your interested in seeing a new production run of Yamaha 701 Waveblaster pipes, please email: factorypipedeal@gmail.com